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ViewMicroscopy image segmentation using machine and deep learningcancer; cardiovascular disease; computer vision; deep learning
ViewMedicinal agriculture: alkaloid extractionliquid-liquid systems
ViewFog Computingcloud computing; distributed computing
ViewCloudbuscloud computing
ViewGreen Cloud: Energy-Efficient Cloud Computingcloud computing; energy efficiency; Internet technologies
ViewFuture low-loss photonic devices at telecomm wavelengths
ViewSituated learning for collaboration across language barrierscomputational linguistics; interaction design; machine learning; mobile phones
ViewReal-time optimisationoptimisation; signal processing
ViewMaterials informatics: an intelligent multiphysics multiscale computational tool for autonomous in-service life management of fibre-reinforced polymer composite aircraft structurescomputational materials science; Discrete Element Modelling; machine learning; polymer nanocomposites
ViewDairy microstructure and microbiologyfood engineering; food manufacturing; food processing

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