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ViewImproving the endothelialization of cardiovascular biomaterialsbiomaterials
ViewAssembly of biopolymers into biomedical micro-nanodevicesbiodegradable polymers; biomaterials; Controlled drug release; polymeric materials; Soft Matter
ViewImproving expansion of mesenchymal stem cellsbiomaterials
ViewBiodegradable and drug-eluting coronary artery stentsbiomaterials
ViewHigh-fidelity predictions of airfoil noise and its mitigationaeroacoustics; computational fluid dynamics; fluid structure interactions; turbulence
ViewFog Computingcloud computing; distributed computing
ViewSoftware-Defined Cloud Computingdistributed and cloud computing
ViewCloudbuscloud computing
ViewGreen Cloud: Energy-Efficient Cloud Computingcloud computing; energy efficiency; Internet technologies
ViewInsect visual systemsbionic eye design and vision; computational neuroscience; electrophysiology; neural engineering; visual processing

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