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ViewDigitally networked dynamical systems: performance and robustness analysiscontrol and signal processing; networked control systems; optimisation; signals and systems; systems theory
ViewLearning-based Model Predictive Control machine learning; optimisation; real-time control
ViewDeep interpretable neural networksartificial intelligence; data mining
ViewThe effect of non-homogeneous roughness on full-scale drag predictionsdrag reduction; fluid mechanics; maritime engineering; turbulence
ViewCancer data analytics with Deep Neural Networksbioinformatics; cancer; genomics; knowledge discovery
ViewPattern recognition in data generated by metabolite imaging of biological tissue sectionsbioinformatics; metabolomics
ViewOptimization landscapes and evolutionary designsartificial intelligence; evolutionary algorithms; optimisation
ViewPattern recognition algorithms for the analysis of metagenomesbioinformatics; data mining; genomics; knowledge discovery; metagenomics
ViewSmart grid optimization using forecasting, multiple renewable technologies and energy storageartificial intelligence; energy efficiency; geotechnical engineering
ViewDewatering small hydrophobic flocsaggregation; fluid structure interactions; mineral processing; solid-liquid systems; suspension rheology

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