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ViewPattern recognition algorithms for the analysis of metagenomesbioinformatics; data mining; genomics; knowledge discovery; Metagenomics
ViewCancer data analysis with new generation sequencing technologiesbioinformatics; cancer; genomics; knowledge discovery
ViewMay the best optimisation algorithm stand up? artificial intelligence; evolutionary algorithms; optimization
ViewOperational optimisation of smart grid
ViewIndoor air qualitycivil engineering; civil infrastructure; indoor air quality
ViewModel based control and calibration for powertrain applicationsapplied control theory; control and signal processing; optimisation; stationary power generation
ViewOptimal design of large scale mechatronic systemsnumerical modelling; optimisation; optimisation and programming languages
ViewHigh fidelity simulation of reacting flows using GPUscombustion and emissions; computational fluid dynamics; fluid dynamics; numerical modelling; turbulence
ViewImproving the endothelialization of cardiovascular biomaterialsbiomaterials
ViewAssembly of biopolymers into biomedical micro-nanodevicesbiodegradable polymers; biomaterials; Controlled drug release; polymeric materials; Soft Matter

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