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ViewConversational agents and interfacesartificial intelligence; interaction design
ViewCreating subject-specific mathematical models to understand the brainbiomedical engineering; computational neuroscience; electroencephalogram EEG; neural engineering; neural models
ViewCritical Media - Building Technologies for Media Literacy and DepolarisationInternet; machine learning; natural language processing; social computing; social media
ViewCrowd dynamicsagent based systems
ViewCrystallisation process dontrol and designsolid-liquid systems
ViewCyber security managementbusiness information systems; information security; information systems; organisational information systems
ViewCyclic capacity of plate anchors in sandcivil engineering; geotechnical engineering; knowledge discovery
ViewDairy microstructure and microbiologyfood engineering; food manufacturing; food processing
ViewData assimilationsignal processing
ViewDeep interpretable neural networksartificial intelligence; data mining

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