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ViewComputational model of joint breakdown with arthritisbiomechanics; cartilage; mechanobiology; micro-computed tomography; musculoskeletal modelling
ViewConnected transport systemadvanced control architectures; agent based systems; sensor fusion; telecommunications; urban and built environment
ViewContinuous wave magnetic resonanceapplied control theory; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; system identification; systems theory
ViewContrast agents for micro-computed tomography (microCT) imaging of soft biological tissues and scaffold materialsbiomaterials; biomedical engineering; contrast agent; medical image analysis; micro-computed tomography
ViewControl of prosthetic limbs from decoded brain signalsbrain-machine interface; electrophysiology; machine learning; medical bionics; neuroengineering
ViewConversational agents and interfacesartificial intelligence; interaction design
ViewCoordination of linear multi-agent systems over digital networksagent based systems; communications and networks; networked control systems; sensor networks
ViewCoupling Tropical Cyclone and Climate Physics with Ocean Wavesmaritime engineering
ViewCRC-P for Innovative Prefabricated Building Systemscivil engineering; civil infrastructure; geopolymers; sustainable systems
ViewCritical Media - Building Technologies for Media Literacy and DepolarisationInternet; machine learning; natural language processing; social computing; social media

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