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ViewCloudlets for secure human-to-machine (H2M) applicationsartificial intelligence; distributed and cloud computing; optical networks; reinforcement learning
ViewSmart grid optimization using forecasting, multiple renewable technologies and energy storageartificial intelligence; energy efficiency; geotechnical engineering
ViewOptimization landscapes and evolutionary designsartificial intelligence; evolutionary algorithms; optimisation
ViewNovel interaction techniques for virtual and augmented realityartificial intelligence; interaction design
ViewConversational agents and interfacesartificial intelligence; interaction design
ViewComputational Interaction for Design and Creativity Supportartificial intelligence; interaction design; machine learning
ViewWearable devices for continuous monitoring of neurological disordersartificial intelligence; Internet of Things (IoT); machine learning; wearable devices
ViewReal-time big data analytics for Internet of Things (IoT)artificial intelligence; machine learning; sensor fusion; sustainable cities
ViewDigital technology and artificial intelligence for mental healthartificial intelligence; mobile phones; natural language processing; social media; ubiquitous computing
ViewMaking human place knowledge digestible by computers: Designing a place-based GISartificial intelligence; natural language processing; spatial information

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