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ViewBiomechanics of cell movementbiomechanics; cancer; mechanobiology; systems biology
ViewSmart devices for ubiquitous health monitoringbiomedical engineering; biosignals; sensor networks; signals and systems; sleep apnoea
ViewHow do cardiac cells grow?biocellular systems engineering; biomedical engineering; computational biology; heart; systems biology
ViewSketches in search and retrieval structuresInformation retrieval
ViewA structurally accurate finite element model of heart cell biomechanicscomputational biology; heart; mechanobiology
ViewSecurity, risks and infrastructure protectioncivil infrastructure; coherent structures; fluid structure interactions; infrastructure protection; spatial data infrastructure
ViewQoS-Oriented Cloud Workflow Enginecloud computing; distributed computing; software engineering
ViewTissue engineering of soft tissuesbiomaterials; scaffolds; tissue engineering
ViewDetailed 3D computer simulation of direct geothermal ground heat exchangersenergy efficiency; geotechnical engineering; numerical modelling; renewable energy; sustainable cities
ViewTRIGEN: A holistic approach for optimised usage of heating, cooling and electricity for bulk energy consumersenergy efficiency; fluid dynamics; Green Data Centres; sensor networks

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