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ViewAnisotropic nanoparticle interactions in advanced coatingscomplex fluids; drops and bubbles; nanofabrication; nanostructured surface; surface forces
ViewBiomechanics and mechanobiology of cancer cell metastasisbiomechanics; cancer; mechanobiology; systems biology
ViewMachine learning and optimizationmachine learning; optimisation
ViewSmart Hospital
ViewSketches in search and retrieval structuresInformation retrieval
ViewA structurally accurate finite element model of heart cell biomechanicscomputational biology; heart; mechanobiology
ViewSecurity, risks and infrastructure protectioncivil infrastructure; coherent structures; fluid structure interactions; infrastructure protection; spatial data infrastructure
ViewQoS-Oriented Cloud Workflow Enginecloud computing; distributed computing; software engineering
ViewTissue engineering of soft tissuesbiomaterials; scaffolds; tissue engineering
ViewDeep interpretable neural networksartificial intelligence; data mining

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