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ViewUbiquitous Computing & Internet of Thingsmobile phones; sensor networks; ubiquitous computing
ViewInvestigation of water expression of thickened suspensions using high pressure dewatering rollsmineral processing; particle technology; separation processes; solid-liquid systems; suspension rheology
ViewImproving flotation recovery by application of oils to enhance collection of coarse particles with low surface liberationmineral processing
ViewFlotation of fine valuable minerals through formation of small hydrophobic flocsmineral processing
ViewFoundations of machine learningmachine learning; signal processing; signals and systems; systems neuroscience; systems theory
ViewLow-carbon power system planning under uncertainty machine learning; optimisation; Smart Grids
ViewLearning-based Model Predictive Control machine learning; optimisation; real-time control
ViewApplication of machine learning in quantum control machine learning; optimisation
ViewMachine learning and optimizationmachine learning; optimisation
ViewSupercapacitor and battery design through modelling and machine learningmachine learning; nanotechnology

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