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ViewImplementation and optimisation of error correction algorithms on NISQ Algorithms
ViewMethods to improve maritime energy efficiencyapplied control theory; artificial intelligence; autonomous systems; machine learning; maritime engineering
ViewResource allocation for attention in the context of intent (in both cooperative and adversarial settings)applied control theory; artificial intelligence; autonomous systems; machine learning; optimisation and programming languages
ViewMultiobjective optimisation and path planning for autonomous ground vehiclesapplied control theory; autonomous systems; control and signal processing; optimisation
ViewDynamic trajectory optimisation for hypersonic flight vehiclesapplied control theory; autonomous systems; fluid dynamics; optimisation; real-time control
ViewContinuous wave magnetic resonanceapplied control theory; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; system identification; systems theory
ViewEvaluation of residual strength of rock based on acoustic emission dataartificial intelligence
ViewBridge scour monitoring and forecast: implementation of an AI early warning systemartificial intelligence
ViewEarly detection of internal erosion in dams/levees: bridging between micro and macro scale behaviourartificial intelligence
ViewAI language processing for disambiguation and clarification of intentartificial intelligence; autonomous systems; computational linguistics; machine learning

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