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ViewAnalysis of time-varying and uncertain interconnected dynamical systemscontrol and signal processing
View3D printing multi-scale porous ceramicsceramic processing
ViewThe mechanisms of cortical folding in brain developmentbiomechanics; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; neuroimaging
ViewSystem identification of microstructure in the brain using magnetic resonance imagingmagnetic resonance imaging MRI; medical image analysis; neuroimaging; signals and systems
ViewModeling current flow and neuronal activation due to electrical stimulation of the retina for the bionic eyebiomedical engineering; bionic eye; computational biology; computational neuroscience
ViewCardiac cell physiomebiomechanics; computational biology; diabetes; heart; systems biology
ViewInstance models for covering and clustering problemsoptimisation
ViewAdaptive learning visual sensor networks for crowd modellingartificial intelligence; machine learning; sensor networks; signals and systems
ViewAnisotropic nanoparticle interactions in advanced coatingscomplex fluids; drops and bubbles; nanofabrication; nanostructured surface; surface forces
ViewDeveloping a neurocognitive model of sound and speech recognitionautism; computational neuroscience; mouse model; neuroengineering; speech recognition

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