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ViewMachine learning privacycybersecurity; data mining; data privacy; information theory; machine learning
ViewComputational turbulent fluid flowcomputational fluid dynamics; drag reduction; numerical modelling; turbulence; turbulent convection
ViewNovel mechanisms for continuous micro/nanoparticle manipulationbiomedical engineering; computational fluid dynamics; micro-fluidics; nanotechnology; optimisation
ViewThe cost of roughness: predicting the drag penalty of fouled ship hullsdrag reduction; fluid dynamics; maritime engineering; turbulence
ViewMulti-modal deep dictionary learning framework for managing smart city assetsoptimisation; sensor fusion
ViewImplementation and optimisation of error correction algorithms on NISQ Algorithms
ViewApplication of machine learning in quantum control machine learning; optimisation
ViewQuantum material characterisation by scanning tunnelling microscope imagingnanoelectronics; nanotechnology
ViewReal-time Internet of Things (IoT) for smart transportationagent based systems; autonomous systems; Internet of Things (IoT); real-time optimisation; traffic management
ViewStructured networked control systemsadvanced control architectures; control and signal processing; defence

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