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ViewTransfer learning in industry applied data scienceartificial intelligence; data mining; machine learning
ViewTranscranial magnetic brain stimulation for depressionneural engineering; neuroengineering; neuroimaging
ViewTopological feedback entropy for nonlinear controlcontrol and signal processing; networked control systems
ViewTime series in medical datasetsdata mining; machine learning
ViewTime Dependent Subsurface Mechanical Behaviour Due to CO2 Injectioncivil engineering; finite element modelling; numerical modelling; programming languages
ViewThe effect of non-homogeneous roughness on full-scale drag predictionsdrag reduction; fluid mechanics; maritime engineering; turbulence
ViewThe cost of roughness: predicting the drag penalty of fouled ship hullsdrag reduction; fluid dynamics; maritime engineering; turbulence
ViewSystem identification in neurosciencesignal processing; signals and systems; system identification; systems neuroscience
ViewSystem identification in biologysignal processing; signals and systems; system identification; systems biology
ViewSustained and cyclic load behaviour of an integrated anchor and chain systemcivil engineering; civil infrastructure; geotechnical engineering; renewable energy

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