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ViewUnderwater acoustics: prediction of underwater noise caused by ocean interface processes and anthropogenic activitiesOceanography
ViewStudying the neuronal network of the C. Elegansneural engineering; signal processing; signals and systems; systems neuroscience
ViewTranscranial magnetic brain stimulation for depressionneural engineering; neuroengineering; neuroimaging
ViewVetCompass: Big data and real-time surveillance for veterinary sciencenatural language processing
ViewNano lasers for integrated photonics circuitnanophotonics; Nanoscience; nanotechnology; photonics and electronics
View2D material valleytronics for information processingNanophotonic; nanotechnology; network science; photonics and electronics; Quantum Materials
ViewDielectric metasurfacesnanofabrication; nanophotonics; photonics and electronics
ViewNanowire photodetectorsnanofabrication; nanophotonics; photonics and electronics
ViewOptical nanotweezersnanoengineered materials; nanofabrication; nanophotonics; nanostructured materials; nanostructured surface
ViewQuantum material characterisation by scanning tunnelling microscope imagingnanoelectronics; nanotechnology

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