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ViewScenario based model predictive control with application to water resources systemscontrol and signal processing; optimisation; water resources
ViewScalable computational cognitive models of the bilingual lexiconcomputational linguistics; deep learning
ViewSustained and cyclic load behaviour of an integrated anchor and chain systemcivil engineering; civil infrastructure; geotechnical engineering; renewable energy
ViewPhotonics reservoir computingartificial intelligence; photonics and electronics
ViewProtein recovery from microalgaealgae; biofuel; biotechnology; cell mechanics; energy efficiency
ViewMechanical response of subchondral bone to fatigue loadingbiomechanics; biomedical engineering; finite element modelling; micro-computed tomography
ViewSupercapacitor and battery design through modelling and machine learningmachine learning; nanotechnology
ViewConnected transport systemadvanced control architectures; agent based systems; sensor fusion; telecommunications; urban and built environment
ViewEnergy harvesting and storage devices utilising piezoelectricity energy efficiency; nanoengineered materials; polymeric nanocomposites; renewable energy; wearable devices
ViewTurbulent plumes with particles in a stratified environmentclimate change ; fluid dynamics; multiphase flow; turbulence

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