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ViewComputational problems in glaucoma diagnosis, monitoring and understandingknowledge discovery; medical image analysis; neuroengineering; visual processing
ViewFault detection in engineering systemsapplied control theory; complex systems; large-scale systems; Systems Theory
ViewEnergy systems modelling, analysis, and controlcomplex systems; large-scale systems; renewable energy; stationary power generation; Systems Theory
ViewComputer aided diagnosis of melanomaartificial intelligence; bioinformatics; biomedical engineering; cancer; machine learning
ViewCatering for individuals’ emotions in technology developmentinformation systems; interaction design; software engineering
ViewTailoring aircraft surface textures to minimise dragcomputational fluid dynamics; drag reduction; turbulence
ViewRobot assisted minimally invasive surgery using local magnetic actuation magnetic actuation; minimally invasive surgery; surgical robots
ViewAccess optimisation in underground mine designoptimisation; underground mine design
ViewDairy wastewater treatment advanced dairy products; polymeric membranes; separation processes
ViewRole of wet particulate material fracture toughness in formation of drying crackssuspension rheology

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