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ViewComputational mass transportadvanced control architectures; applied control theory; optimisation; physical modelling; systems theory
ViewSparse approximation methods for optimal control and stationary action problemsadvanced control architectures; applied control theory; optimisation; systems theory
ViewUnderwater acoustics: prediction of underwater noise caused by ocean interface processes and anthropogenic activitiesOceanography
ViewComputational neuroscience: Simulating brain dynamics and generative modelling of brain networkscomplex systems; computational neuroscience; connectome; network science; neuroimaging
ViewUnderstanding and predicting mortality in intensive care unitsartificial intelligence; health and bioinformatics; machine learning
ViewLab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip and disease-on-a-chip technologiesbiomedical engineering; biotechnology; micro-fluidics; neural engineering; ultrasonics
ViewFoot deformities in children with cerebral palsy
ViewRen Rou Sou Suo: Crowdsourcing in China?information systems; Internet; social media
ViewSocial Media in Educationinformation systems; interaction design; Internet; social media
ViewDigital Inclusion: Exploring access and equity in access to technologies and online services disability; information systems; social media; sustainable systems

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