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ViewSmart Grids: data-driven approaches for the operation and planning of DER-rich distribution networksBattery Storage; Distribution Networks; Electric Vehicles; Photovoltaic Systems; Smart Grids
ViewNano lasers for integrated photonics circuitnanophotonics; Nanoscience; nanotechnology; photonics and electronics
ViewSoft matter informatics: inverse design engine for block co-polymers artificial intelligence; computational materials science; polymeric materials; rheology
ViewDecarbonising the transport sector with renewable hydrogenair pollution and emissions abatement; combustion and emissions; hydrogen; renewable energy
ViewUsing renewable hydrogen in gas turbinesrenewable energy
ViewMultiscale computational nanofluidics computational fluid dynamics; fluid mechanics; polymeric materials; rheology
ViewVehicle positioning using lidarcomputer vision; deep learning; geomatics; spatial computing; spatial information
ViewHigh-definition maps of road environmentscomputer vision; deep learning; geomatics; machine learning; spatial computing
ViewVisual positioning in indoor environmentscomputer vision; deep learning; geomatics; machine learning; spatial information
ViewDeep learning of boundary representation from point cloudsdeep learning; geomatics; machine learning; spatial information

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