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ViewAdvanced parking information and managementagent based systems; computer vision; geospatial information systems; spatial computing; traffic management
ViewCloudlets for secure human-to-machine (H2M) applications6G x-Haul Networks; artificial intelligence; distributed and cloud computing
ViewMethods to improve maritime energy efficiencyapplied control theory; artificial intelligence; autonomous systems; machine learning; maritime engineering
ViewNumerical prediction of bubble sound emissionscomputational fluid dynamics; fluid dynamics; fluid mechanics
ViewComputational fluid dynamics simulations of a stratified gravity currentcomputational fluid dynamics
ViewCommunication theoretical study of molecular communication systems
ViewStochastic decision-making framework: uncertainty versus controllability of Distributed Energy SourcesDistribution Networks; optimisation; renewable energy
ViewLow-carbon power system planning under uncertainty machine learning; optimisation; Smart Grids
ViewA versatile framework for simulating the structure and dynamics of cytoskeletal networksbiopolymers; cell mechanics; computational materials science; fluid dynamics; rheology
ViewMachine learning-based planning of low-carbon multi-energy systems hydrogen; machine learning; Smart Grids

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