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ViewA green lightweight composite panel system using recycled tyrescivil engineering; geopolymers; sustainable systems
ViewA novel application of recycled glass in lightweight concretecivil engineering; geopolymers; sustainable systems
ViewARC Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housingcivil engineering; civil infrastructure; energy efficiency; geopolymers; infrastructure management
ViewCRC-P for Innovative Prefabricated Building Systemscivil engineering; civil infrastructure; geopolymers; sustainable systems
ViewTime Dependent Subsurface Mechanical Behaviour Due to CO2 Injectioncivil engineering; finite element modelling; numerical modelling; programming languages
ViewMechanobiology of tissue-engineered microenvironmentsbiomaterials; biomechanics; bioprinting; cartilage; mechanobiology
ViewOptimization of Hydraulic Fracturing in Naturally Fractured Reservoirscivil engineering; fractured rock; hydrology; numerical modelling; optimisation
ViewSocial Computingcollaboration environment; social computing; social media
ViewClassical data structures vs. learned approachesdata structures; database systems; machine learning
ViewVerifying Information Security for Concurrent Programscomputer security; program verification; programming languages

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