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ViewSmart Grids: Future Distribution System Operators (DSOs)Battery Storage; Distribution Networks; Electric Vehicles; Photovoltaic Systems; Smart Grids
ViewNanoscale computational engineering of interfaces in alloysdeformability; nanostructured materials; numerical modelling; parallel computing
View Impurity effects in refractory alloysdeformability; machine learning; mathematical modelling
ViewStructured codes in wireless communication networks
ViewAn ICME framework for designing sintered materials 3D printing; computational materials science; machine learning; numerical modelling
ViewResilient communication networks for human-to-machine (H2M) applicationsfast-responding fault detection; human-to-machine communication networks; network protection switching; network survivability; Tactile Internet
ViewCharacterisation of human-to-machine (H2M) traffichuman-to-machine (H2M) communication networks; low-latency communication networks; Tactile Internet; traffic characterisation
ViewAdapting communication networks for low-latency human-to-machine (H2M) applicationshuman-to-machine communication networks; low-latency communication networks; Tactile Internet
ViewInformation-theoretic analysis of machine learning algorithmsinformation theory; machine learning
ViewAdvanced parking information and managementagent based systems; computer vision; geospatial information systems; spatial computing; traffic management

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