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ViewEffective browsing interfaces for digital librarieslocation based services
ViewReinforcement learning (stochastic optimisation and game theory)machine learning
ViewLearning of dynamical systems from a finite number of data pointsmachine learning; mathematical modelling; signal processing; system identification
ViewQuantum material design by machine learning machine learning; nanoelectronics; nanoengineered materials; nanophotonics; nanostructured materials
ViewSupercapacitor and battery design through modelling and machine learningmachine learning; nanotechnology
ViewApplication of machine learning in quantum control machine learning; optimisation
ViewMachine learning and optimizationmachine learning; optimisation
ViewLearning-based Model Predictive Control machine learning; optimisation; real-time control
ViewLow-carbon power system planning under uncertainty machine learning; optimisation; Smart Grids
ViewFoundations of machine learningmachine learning; signal processing; signals and systems; systems neuroscience; systems theory

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