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ViewReconciling Security and Performance for Concurrent Programscomputer security; cryptography; programming languages
ViewReinforcement learning (stochastic optimisation and game theory)machine learning
ViewReliable computing with unreliable componentsfault-tolerant computing; novel architectures for computation; signal processing; signals and systems
ViewRemote sensing for smart sportssensor fusion; signal processing
ViewRen Rou Sou Suo: Crowdsourcing in China?information systems; Internet; social media
ViewResource allocation for attention in the context of intent (in both cooperative and adversarial settings)applied control theory; artificial intelligence; autonomous systems; machine learning; optimisation and programming languages
ViewRheology and Dewaterability of Anaerobic Lagoon Sludges
ViewRobust filtering and estimationcontrol and signal processing; sensor networks; signal processing; signals and systems; systems theory
ViewScalable computational cognitive models of the bilingual lexiconcomputational linguistics; deep learning
ViewScale effects in geotechnical physical modelling in sandcivil engineering; geotechnical engineering; knowledge discovery; physical modelling

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