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ViewGraph-based complex pattern mining in electronic health recordscancer; data mining; data structures; health and bioinformatics; machine learning
ViewReconciling Security and Performance for Concurrent Programscomputer security; cryptography; programming languages
ViewGas Generation in Biologically-Active Sediments
ViewRheology and Dewaterability of Anaerobic Lagoon Sludges
ViewVision restoration with retinal prosthetics: Understanding the impact of retinal degeneration on electrical stimulation efficacyelectrophysiology; medical bionics; neural engineering; neuroengineering
ViewModulation formats for datacentercommunications and networks; optical communication systems; photonics and electronics
ViewSmart Grids: Grid integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER)Battery Storage; Distribution Networks; Electric Vehicles; Photovoltaic Systems; Smart Grids
ViewSmart Grids: Future Distribution System Operators (DSOs)Battery Storage; Distribution Networks; Electric Vehicles; Photovoltaic Systems; Smart Grids
ViewNanoscale computational engineering of interfaces in alloysdeformability; nanostructured materials; numerical modelling; parallel computing
View Impurity effects in refractory alloysdeformability; machine learning; mathematical modelling

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