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VieweSports in AustraliaeSports; Internet
ViewEvolving agent decision-making in social-technical systemsagent based systems; artificial intelligence; evolutionary algorithms
ViewEmerging technologies for enrichment in old ageageing; health and bioinformatics; interaction design
ViewUnderstanding urban subsurface flow pathways from stormwater infiltrationcontaminant transport; porous media; saturated-unsaturated flow
ViewLearning to think before actingartificial intelligence; autonomous systems
ViewUbiquitous Computing & Internet of Thingsmobile phones; sensor networks; ubiquitous computing
ViewCoupling Tropical Cyclone and Climate Physics with Ocean Waves
ViewAnalysis and Forecasting of Soil Water Storage for Rain-fed Agriculturehydroclimatology; hydrologic remote sensing; hydrology; water resources
ViewDevelopment of an auxetic composite system for protective engineering applicationscivil infrastructure; finite element modelling; infrastructure protection; numerical modelling
ViewNew approach for design of barriers for impactcivil engineering; infrastructure protection; numerical modelling

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