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ViewStrategic decisions for competitive and complex gamescomplex systems; game theory; network science; optimisation
ViewStructured codes in wireless communication networksinformation theory
ViewStudy of brain organoids to understand dementiabrain; electrical stimulation; nanotechnology; neuroengineering; neuroimaging and neuroinformatics
ViewStudying the neuronal network of the breathing complexsignal processing; signals and systems; sleep apnoea; systems neuroscience; systems theory
ViewStudying the neuronal network of the C. Elegansneural engineering; signal processing; signals and systems; systems neuroscience
ViewSupercapacitor and battery design through modelling and machine learningmachine learning; nanotechnology
ViewSurfing the rhythm of visual perceptionbiomedical engineering; biosignals; electroencephalogram EEG; neural engineering; neuroengineering
ViewSystem identification in biologysignal processing; signals and systems; system identification; systems biology
ViewSystem identification in neurosciencesignal processing; signals and systems; system identification; systems neuroscience
ViewSystems biology of heart cellsbiomedical engineering; cardiovascular disease; numerical modelling; systems biology

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