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ViewBio-carbon flow electrodes for capacitive deionisation of wastewaterdesalination; nanoengineered materials; porous media; water quality
ViewFoundations of optimisationdifferential geometry; optimisation; signal processing
ViewAlgebraic, geometric and topological signal processingdifferential geometry; signal processing
ViewFoundations of stochastic filteringdifferential geometry; signal processing
ViewDigital Inclusion: Exploring access and equity in access to technologies and online services disability; information systems; social media; sustainable systems
ViewCommunication and computation over erroneous networksdistributed computing; distributed source coding; error control coding; network science; telecommunications
ViewStochastic decision-making framework: uncertainty versus controllability of Distributed Energy SourcesDistribution Networks; optimisation; renewable energy
ViewForecasting techniques for renewable energy sources: performance analysis and economic impact on grid operationDistribution Networks; renewable energy
ViewThe cost of roughness: predicting the drag penalty of fouled ship hullsdrag reduction; fluid dynamics; maritime engineering; turbulence
ViewApplying machine-learning approaches to develop novel turbulence modelsdrag reduction; fluid dynamics; numerical modelling; turbulence

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