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ViewHigh frequency RF transceivers and ultrabroadband wireless access networks6G x-Haul Networks; broadband access networks; wireless communication systems
ViewSoil-structure interaction framework for plate anchors in sand under cyclic loadingcivil engineering; geotechnical engineering; knowledge discovery
ViewExperiments and data analysis of non-equilibrium turbulent boundary layersfluid dynamics; turbulence
ViewModelling and control of irrigation channelsadvanced control architectures; control and signal processing; system identification; water resources
ViewEmerging technologies for enrichment in old ageageing; health and bioinformatics; interaction design
ViewDynamic trajectory optimisation for hypersonic flight vehiclesapplied control theory; autonomous systems; fluid dynamics; optimisation; real-time control
ViewGraphene-based soft materialsGraphene; Nanoionics; Supercapacitors; Wearable electronics
ViewUbiquitous Computing & Internet of Thingsmobile phones; sensor networks; ubiquitous computing
ViewReal-time big data analytics for Internet of Things (IoT)artificial intelligence; machine learning; sensor fusion; sustainable cities
ViewCombustion chemistry of hydrogen-natural gas mixturesair pollution and emissions abatement; chemical reaction kinetics; combustion and emissions; hydrogen; renewable energy

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