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ViewAn ICME framework for designing sintered materials 3D printing; computational materials science; machine learning; numerical modelling
ViewCloudlets for secure human-to-machine (H2M) applications6G x-Haul Networks; artificial intelligence; distributed and cloud computing
ViewHigh frequency RF transceivers and ultrabroadband wireless access networks6G x-Haul Networks; broadband access networks; wireless communication systems
ViewConnected transport systemadvanced control architectures; agent based systems; sensor fusion; telecommunications; urban and built environment
ViewComputational mass transportadvanced control architectures; applied control theory; optimisation; physical modelling; systems theory
ViewSparse approximation methods for optimal control and stationary action problemsadvanced control architectures; applied control theory; optimisation; systems theory
ViewDNA polymer hybrid materialsadvanced control architectures; biomaterials; DNA; nanoengineered materials; smart polymers
ViewStructured networked control systemsadvanced control architectures; control and signal processing; defence
ViewModelling and control of irrigation channelsadvanced control architectures; control and signal processing; system identification; water resources
ViewAcoustic engineering: microfabrication of acoustic waveguides for non-contact microscale assemblyaeroacoustics; biofabrication; finite element modelling; micro-fluidics; ultrasonics

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