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ViewFocused Software Testing through Backwards Program Analysissoftware engineering
ViewModelling the human nervous system with human pluripotent stem cells.cell development; neural engineering; neural models
ViewEasing the squeeze: dynamic and distributed resource allocation with cognitive radiocommunications and networks; wireless communication systems
ViewBrain network dynamics in health and diseaseBiological Psychiatry; Brain Connectivity; Functional Neuroimaging; Network Science; neuroimaging
ViewThe role of information in game-theoretic decisions on distributed systemsapplied control theory; Information Systems; optimisation
ViewPrinciples, practice and pragmatics of measurement in experimental computer scienceknowledge discovery
ViewMuscle and joint function during walking in transtibial prosthesis patients biomedical engineering; gait analysis; joint replacement; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; musculoskeletal modelling
ViewSynthetic biology to engineer cells for optimal energy supplybiocellular systems engineering; biomechanics; heart; systems biology
ViewAir-Sea interactionClimate change adaptation; coherent structures; fluid dynamics; hydroclimatology; turbulence
ViewTurbulent boundary layers developing over rough surfacesfluid dynamics; fluid mechanics

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