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ViewResilient communication networks for human-to-machine (H2M) applicationsfast-responding fault detection; human-to-machine communication networks; network protection switching; network survivability; Tactile Internet
ViewResource allocation for attention in the context of intent (in both cooperative and adversarial settings)applied control theory; artificial intelligence; autonomous systems; machine learning; optimisation and programming languages
ViewRheology and Dewaterability of Anaerobic Lagoon Sludges
ViewRobust filtering and estimationcontrol and signal processing; sensor networks; signal processing; signals and systems; systems theory
ViewScale effects in geotechnical physical modelling in sandcivil engineering; geotechnical engineering; knowledge discovery; physical modelling
ViewSecurity analyticsCyber-security; machine learning
ViewSecurity, risks and infrastructure protectioncivil infrastructure; coherent structures; fluid structure interactions; infrastructure protection; spatial data infrastructure
ViewShape matters: surface forces between anisotropic nanoparticles drops and bubbles; nanostructured materials; surface forces
ViewSimulation-based engineering research of hydraulic fractures in naturally fractured rockscarbon capture and storage; geotechnical engineering
ViewSimulation-based engineering research of proppant transport in hydraulic fracturescarbon capture and storage

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