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ViewWhen stabilisation and optimisation meet: a codesign approachcontrol and signal processing; defence
ViewNon-stochastic privacycontrol and signal processing; information theory; optimisation; signal processing; signals and systems
ViewTopological feedback entropy for nonlinear controlcontrol and signal processing; networked control systems
ViewDigitally networked dynamical systems: performance and robustness analysiscontrol and signal processing; networked control systems; optimisation; signals and systems; systems theory
ViewScenario based model predictive control with application to water resources systemscontrol and signal processing; optimisation; water resources
ViewModern control methodologies for improving wind turbine performancecontrol and signal processing; renewable energy; Wind Energy
ViewRobust filtering and estimationcontrol and signal processing; sensor networks; signal processing; signals and systems; systems theory
ViewSecurity analyticsCyber-security; machine learning
ViewMachine learning privacycybersecurity; data mining; data privacy; information theory; machine learning
ViewGame theory for cyber defencecybersecurity; defence; game theory; Internet of Things (IoT); machine learning; optimisation

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