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ViewRobust filtering and estimationcontrol and signal processing; sensor networks; signal processing; signals and systems; systems theory
ViewBreast density: Estimating a woman's risk of breast cancerbiomechanics; finite element modelling; medical image analysis
ViewSmartphones for sciencedata mining; mobile phones; sensor networks; ubiquitous computing
ViewVetCompass: Big data and real-time surveillance for veterinary sciencenatural language processing
ViewCrowd dynamicsagent based systems
ViewWearable devices for continuous monitoring of neurological disordersartificial intelligence; Internet of Things (IoT); machine learning; wearable devices
ViewMiniaturised near infrared spectroscopyinteraction design
ViewImproving data quality in crowdsourcing
ViewDevelopment of image processing tools for quantitative evaluation of arthritis in the tibio-femoral jointarthritis; biomechanics; biomedical engineering; cartilage; medical image analysis
ViewExperiments and data analysis of non-equilibrium turbulent boundary layersfluid dynamics; turbulence

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