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ViewNanoengineering materials to combat antimicrobial resistanceantimicrobial; biomaterials; nanoengineered materials; nanotechnology
ViewNanoionics: engineering ion transport with two-dimensional materials
ViewNanoscale computational engineering of interfaces in alloyscomputational materials science; deformability; nanostructured materials; numerical modelling; parallel computing
ViewNanowire photodetectorsnanofabrication; nanophotonics; photonics and electronics
ViewNear surface geophysics: Evaluation of soil properties through electromagnetic and mechanical wavescivil engineering; contaminant transport; geotechnical engineering
ViewNetwork communication in the braincomputational neuroscience; connectome; network science; neuroimaging
ViewNew approach for design of barriers for impactcivil engineering; infrastructure protection; numerical modelling
ViewNon-stochastic privacycontrol and signal processing; information theory; optimisation; signal processing; signals and systems
ViewNovel interaction techniques for virtual and augmented realityartificial intelligence; interaction design
ViewNovel mechanisms for continuous micro/nanoparticle manipulationbiomedical engineering; computational fluid dynamics; micro-fluidics; nanotechnology; optimisation

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