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ViewHydrogen embrittlement in alloyscomputational materials science; machine learning; Nanostructures
ViewNetwork communication in the braincomputational neuroscience; connectome; network science; neuroimaging
ViewBrain mapping with MRI: Brain atlases with multiple topographic featurescomputational neuroscience; network science; neuroimaging
ViewUnderstanding cortical processing: Neuronal activity and learning in recurrently connected networkscomputational neuroscience; neural models
ViewReconciling Security and Performance for Concurrent Programscomputer security; cryptography; programming languages
ViewHigh-definition maps of road environmentscomputer vision; deep learning; geomatics; machine learning; spatial computing
ViewVisual positioning in indoor environmentscomputer vision; deep learning; geomatics; machine learning; spatial information
ViewVehicle positioning using lidarcomputer vision; deep learning; geomatics; spatial computing; spatial information
ViewWireless chargingcontrol and signal processing
ViewPrivacy of dynamical systemscontrol and signal processing; cryptography; cybersecurity; data privacy; information theory

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