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ViewAI language processing for disambiguation and clarification of intentartificial intelligence; autonomous systems; computational linguistics; machine learning
ViewResource allocation for attention in the context of intent (in both cooperative and adversarial settings)applied control theory; artificial intelligence; autonomous systems; machine learning; optimisation and programming languages
ViewAneka: .NET-based Cloud Computingcloud computing; software engineering
ViewiFogSim: A Toolkit for Modeling and Simulation of Resource Management Techniques in Internet of Things, Edge and Fog Computing Environmentscloud computing; Internet
ViewTransfer learning in industry applied data scienceartificial intelligence; data mining; machine learning
ViewApplying machine-learning approaches to develop novel turbulence modelsdrag reduction; fluid dynamics; numerical modelling; turbulence
ViewHigh-fidelity simulations of conjugate heat transfer in gas turbinesenergy efficiency; fluid dynamics; numerical modelling; propulsion systems; turbulence
ViewCalcium signalling in cardiac cell growthbiomechanics; fluid structure interactions; heart; numerical modelling; systems biology
ViewMedicinal agriculture: solvent extraction for natural product developmentliquid-liquid systems; sorption at liquid-liquid interfaces
ViewContinuous wave magnetic resonanceapplied control theory; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; system identification; systems theory

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