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ViewGrowing and shrinking drops and bubbles: surface forces and transport between drops and bubbles to control formulated emulsions and foamscomplex fluids; drops and bubbles; fluid dynamics; nanofabrication; soft matter; surface forces
ViewComputational neuroscience: Simulating brain dynamics and generative modelling of brain networkscomplex systems; computational neuroscience; connectome; network science; neuroimaging
ViewStructure-function coupling in the connectomecomplex systems; computational neuroscience; connectome; network science; neuroimaging
ViewStrategic competitive decisions on complex systemscomplex systems; defence; game theory; network science; optimisation
ViewQuantised causal inference based on directed information complex systems; knowledge discovery; machine learning; signal processing; system identification
ViewCardiac cell mechanobiologycomputational biology; heart; mechanobiology
ViewHeterogeneities induced into a porous medium by reactive flow as investigated on the pore-scalecomputational chemistry; fluid mechanics; numerical modelling; reactive transport; solid-liquid systems
ViewComputational fluid dynamics simulations of a stratified gravity currentcomputational fluid dynamics
ViewComputational turbulent fluid flowcomputational fluid dynamics; drag reduction; numerical modelling; turbulence; turbulent convection
ViewHigh-fidelity simulations and machine-learning for turbomachinery flowscomputational fluid dynamics; energy efficiency; fluid dynamics; machine learning; turbulence

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