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ViewCarrier-selective contacts for high efficiency silicon solar cells solar energy
ViewTwo dimensional material heterojunctions for infrared applicationsphotonics and electronics
ViewData-driven learning for dynamical systems control and design problemsautonomous systems; complex systems; control and signal processing; evolutionary algorithms; optimisation
ViewEfficient and effective adaptive radiotherapycancer; imaging; machine learning; medical image analysis
ViewUse of Deep Learning computational methods to characterise cancer burden in PET imagingcancer; imaging; machine learning; medical image analysis
ViewSolution crystallisation: pharmaceuticalssolid-liquid systems
ViewComputational Interaction for Design and Creativity Supportartificial intelligence; interaction design; machine learning
ViewUnderstanding and monitoring the formation of ‘picocavities’nanostructured materials; nanotechnology
ViewSecurity analyticsCyber-security; machine learning
ViewDeep symbolic learning and planningartificial intelligence; autonomous systems; machine learning

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