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ViewNovel techniques for intelligent monitoring of fetal health
ViewFlotation of fine valuable minerals through formation of small hydrophobic flocsmineral processing
ViewEfficient and effective adaptive radiotherapycancer; imaging; machine learning; medical image analysis
ViewUse of Deep Learning computational methods to characterise cancer burden in PET imagingcancer; imaging; machine learning; medical image analysis
ViewIndividualised cochlear implant sound coding: Optimised algorithms for better hearingaudition, speech and bionic ear design; auditory processing; biomedical engineering; cochlear implant; neural models
ViewDielectric metasurfacesnanofabrication; nanophotonics; photonics and electronics
ViewSimulation of bio-inspired aerofoil noise reduction techniquesaeroacoustics; computational fluid dynamics; fluid mechanics; turbulence
ViewComputational Interaction for Design and Creativity Supportartificial intelligence; interaction design; machine learning
ViewSecurity analyticsCyber-security; machine learning
ViewDeep symbolic learning and planningartificial intelligence; autonomous systems; machine learning

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