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ViewLow-carbon power system planning under uncertainty machine learning; optimisation; Smart Grids
ViewMachine learning and optimizationmachine learning; optimisation
ViewMachine learning in functional MRI functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI; machine learning; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; medical image analysis
ViewMachine learning prediction of biological ageing of the brain and bodymachine learning; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; neuroimaging; neuroimaging and neuroinformatics
ViewMachine learning privacycybersecurity; data mining; data privacy; information theory; machine learning
ViewMachine learning-based planning of low-carbon multi-energy systems hydrogen; machine learning; Smart Grids
ViewManifold learningsignal processing; signals and systems
ViewMaterials informatics: an intelligent multiphysics multiscale computational tool for autonomous in-service life management of fibre-reinforced polymer composite aircraft structurescomputational materials science; Discrete Element Modelling; machine learning; polymer nanocomposites
ViewMaterials informatics: an intelligent multiscale materials simulation tool for accelerated formulation and in-service life prediction of specialised coatings for defence platformsartificial intelligence; computational materials science; defence; polymeric materials
ViewMechanical response of subchondral bone to fatigue loadingbiomechanics; biomedical engineering; finite element modelling; micro-computed tomography

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