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ViewAneka: .NET-based Cloud Computingcloud computing; software engineering
ViewSocial media in community health developmentcollaboration environment; interaction design; Internet; public health data linkage; social media
ViewSocial Computingcollaboration environment; social computing; social media
ViewEnabling efficient, affordable and robust use of renewable hydrogen in transport and power generationcombustion and emissions; energy efficiency; hydrogen; renewable energy; sustainable systems
ViewEnabling the Internet of Nano-Things via molecular communicationcommunications and networks
ViewDistributed deep learning for cognitive radio networkscommunications and networks; complex and intelligent systems; defence; machine learning; optimisation
ViewPhotonics platform to transform mobile fronthaul infrastructurecommunications and networks; defence; optical communication systems; optical networks; photonics and electronics; wireless communication systems
ViewModulation formats for datacentercommunications and networks; optical communication systems; photonics and electronics
ViewProgrammable RF photonic systems and networkscommunications and networks; optical communication systems; photonics and electronics; wireless communication systems
ViewActive matter: a multiscale simulation method for advanced swimmerscomplex fluids; computational fluid dynamics; fluid dynamics; micro-fluidics; soft matter

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