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ViewMicrostructure engineering of plant protein: polysaccharide mixturesfood engineering; food manufacturing; food processing
ViewMiniaturised near infrared spectroscopyinteraction design
ViewMitochondria form and function in the diabetic heartbiomedical engineering; systems biology
ViewModelling aggregate size and structurecomputational fluid dynamics; mineral processing
ViewModelling the coagulation cascadechemical reaction kinetics; complex systems; computational biology; computational fluid dynamics
ViewModelling the spread and control of infectious diseases in complex populationsagent based systems; complex systems; computational biology; health and bioinformatics
ViewModern control methodologies for improving wind turbine performancecontrol and signal processing; renewable energy
ViewModulation formats for datacentercommunications and networks; optical communication systems; photonics and electronics
ViewMulti-modal deep dictionary learning framework for managing smart city assetsoptimisation; sensor fusion

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