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ViewImplementation and optimisation of error correction algorithms on NISQ Algorithms
ViewImproving data quality in crowdsourcing
ViewImproving flotation recovery by application of oils to enhance collection of coarse particles with low surface liberationmineral processing
ViewIndividualised cochlear implant sound coding: Optimised algorithms for better hearingaudition, speech and bionic ear design; auditory processing; biomedical engineering; cochlear implant; neural models
ViewInteraction of convection and horizontal gyre circulation in the North Atlantic Currentcomputational fluid dynamics; fluid dynamics; turbulence
ViewInvestigation of water expression of thickened suspensions using high pressure dewatering rollsmineral processing; particle technology; separation processes; solid-liquid systems; suspension rheology
ViewLab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip and disease-on-a-chip technologiesbiomedical engineering; biotechnology; micro-fluidics; neural engineering; ultrasonics
ViewLearning from the good and the bad: Diagnosis and prediction of Business Process Deviancesbusiness process management; machine learning; process mining
ViewLearning of dynamical systems from a finite number of data pointsmachine learning; mathematical modelling; signal processing; system identification
ViewLearning-based Model Predictive Control machine learning; optimisation; real-time control

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