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ViewIndividualised cochlear implant sound coding: Optimised algorithms for better hearingaudition, speech and bionic ear design; auditory processing; biomedical engineering; cochlear implant; neural models
ViewInformation theoretic approaches to deep learningcommunications and networks; complex and intelligent systems; machine learning; optimisation
ViewInformation-theoretic analysis of machine learning algorithmsinformation theory; machine learning
ViewInstance models for covering and clustering problemsoptimisation
ViewInteraction of convection and horizontal gyre circulation in the North Atlantic Currentcomputational fluid dynamics; fluid dynamics; turbulence
ViewLattice structures for orthopaedic implant applicationsbiomaterials; biomechanics; finite element modelling
ViewLearning from the good and the bad: Diagnosis and prediction of Business Process Deviancesbusiness process management; machine learning; process mining
ViewLearning-based Model Predictive Control machine learning; optimisation; real-time control
ViewLow emission transport via advanced engines and fuelscombustion and emissions; energy efficiency
ViewMachine learning and optimizationmachine learning; optimisation

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