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ViewReassessment of earthquake design philosophy in Australia after the Christchurch earthquakeinfrastructure protection
ViewFully Funded PhD Project: Microstructure engineering of plant protein:polysaccharide mixturesfood engineering; food manufacturing; food processing
ViewControl of prosthetic limbs from decoded brain signalsbrain-machine interface; electrophysiology; machine learning; medical bionics; neuroengineering
ViewClustering, covering, and computational geometry in the MPC model
ViewDesign Tools for Systems and Synthetic Biologybiomedical engineering; computational biology; control and signal processing; numerical modelling; systems biology
ViewSystems biology of heart cellsbiomedical engineering; cardiovascular disease; numerical modelling; systems biology
ViewMetabolic modelling to target host-parasite interactionsmetabolomics; numerical modelling; systems biology
ViewGene regulatory networks and epigenetics in cancercancer; systems biology
ViewNanoparticle dosimetry predictionnanotechnology; numerical modelling; systems biology

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