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ViewGraph-based complex pattern mining in electronic health recordscancer; data mining; data structures; health and bioinformatics; machine learning
ViewRadiomics for cancer diagnosis and patient outcome predictioncancer; imaging; machine learning; magnetic resonance imaging MRI
ViewEfficient and effective adaptive radiotherapycancer; imaging; machine learning; medical image analysis
ViewUse of Deep Learning computational methods to characterise cancer burden in PET imagingcancer; imaging; machine learning; medical image analysis
ViewCarbon dioxide capture technologiescarbon dioxide separation
ViewEnsemble flood, short-term and seasonal river flow forecastingcatchment management; climate change adaptation; environmental hydrology and water resources; hydroclimatology; numerical modelling
ViewAn integrated modelling system for navigational aid in tidal inletscivil engineering
ViewARC Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housingcivil engineering; civil infrastructure; energy efficiency; geopolymers; infrastructure management
ViewCRC-P for Innovative Prefabricated Building Systemscivil engineering; civil infrastructure; geopolymers; sustainable systems
ViewNear surface geophysics: Evaluation of soil properties through electromagnetic and mechanical wavescivil engineering; contaminant transport; geotechnical engineering

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