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ViewApplying machine-learning approaches to develop novel turbulence modelsdrag reduction; fluid dynamics; numerical modelling; turbulence
ViewHigh-fidelity simulations of conjugate heat transfer in gas turbinesenergy efficiency; fluid dynamics; numerical modelling; propulsion systems; turbulence
ViewBiomechanics of the heart in children with single ventricle heart diseasebiomechanics; fluid structure interactions; heart; numerical modelling; systems biology
ViewARC Dairy Innovation Hub: Transformational research to underpin the future of the Australian dairy manufacturing industryFood Engineering; Food Manufacturing; Food Processing
ViewContinuous wave magnetic resonanceapplied control theory; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; system identification; systems theory
ViewSodium MRI at ultrahigh fieldimaging; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; medical image analysis
ViewInformation retrieval: Evaluation of NUI for dynamic query systems
ViewPorous hydrogel antimicrobial nanocompositesantimicrobial; biomaterials; hydrogel; nanotechnology; tissue engineering
ViewApps for Addiction Recoveryinteraction design; mobile phones
ViewTemperature, pH and photo-responsive polymers as responsive flocculantsmineral processing; polymeric materials; stimulant responsive polymers

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