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ViewHarnessing the capacity of optical fibres via few-mode transmissionoptical communication systems
ViewUnified digital networking for wireless and optical accessbroadband access networks; optical communication systems; telecommunications
ViewNew frontiers in ultra-wideband electro-optic measurement technologiesElectro-optic sampling; health and bioinformatics; optical networks
ViewUnderstanding the interaction between extracellular matrix molecules that modulate tissue turnover biomaterials; tissue engineering
ViewUtilising marine based sulphated polysaccharides to create new biomimetic material technologies biomaterials; tissue engineering
ViewFoundations of stochastic filteringdifferential geometry; signal processing
ViewDynamic modeling for tennissignal processing; system identification
ViewEnsemble flood, short-term and seasonal river flow forecastingcatchment management; climate change adaptation; environmental hydrology and water resources; hydroclimatology; numerical modelling
ViewDNA polymer hybrid materialsadvanced control architectures; biomaterials; DNA; nanoengineered materials; smart polymers
ViewGeographic knowledge basedata mining; database systems; knowledge discovery; machine learning; spatial information

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