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ViewTow tank investigation of developing turbulent boundary layers
ViewAdvanced image analysis for prostate cancer using functional imaging and histopathologybiomedical engineering; cancer; histopathology; magnetic resonance imaging MRI
ViewEnsemble flood, short-term and seasonal river flow forecastingcatchment management; climate change adaptation; environmental hydrology and water resources; hydroclimatology; numerical modelling
ViewFlotation of fine minerals: Novel temperature responsive polymer as flocculant and collectorstimulant responsive polymers
ViewGeographic knowledge basedata mining; database systems; knowledge discovery; machine learning; spatial information
ViewDynamics and control of flexible membrane wingsapplied control theory; computational fluid dynamics; fluid dynamics; fluid structure interactions
ViewApplication of bacteriophages for reduction of foaming in wastewater treatmenteffluent treatment; fluid dynamics; water resources
ViewDry stacking - A new paradigm in the design and operation of solar evaporation pans for wastewater treatment sludgeseffluent treatment; separation processes; Solid-Liquid Systems; water resources
ViewDynamics and Control of Infectious Diseases in Structured Populationsagent based systems; complex systems; computational biology; health and bioinformatics
ViewSelf-Healing Maps: protecting maps through automatic updating processesdata mining; geodesy; geomatics; spatial data infrastructure; spatial information

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