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ViewNear surface geophysics: Evaluation of soil properties through electromagnetic and mechanical wavescivil engineering; contaminant transport; geotechnical engineering
ViewManifold learningsignal processing; signals and systems
ViewReinforcement learning (stochastic optimisation and game theory)machine learning
ViewEnergy geo-structures: numerical modelling and field testingenergy efficiency; finite element modelling; geotechnical engineering; machine learning
ViewLow emission transport via advanced engines and fuelscombustion and emissions; energy efficiency
ViewCoded computation for machine learningdistributed computing; machine learning
ViewImproving flotation recovery by application of oils to enhance collection of coarse particles with low surface liberationmineral processing
ViewFocused Software Testing through Backwards Program Analysissoftware engineering
ViewRadiomics for cancer diagnosis and patient outcome predictioncancer; imaging; machine learning; magnetic resonance imaging MRI
ViewWireless chargingcontrol and signal processing

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