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ViewAdvancing biofabrication technology through the development of improved bioinksbiofabrication; biomaterials; biomedical engineering; polymeric materials; tissue engineering
ViewAdvancing stem cell manufacturing and tissue engineering using decellularised materialsbiomaterials; biomedical engineering; cell mechanics; scaffolds; tissue engineering
ViewManifold learningsignal processing; signals and systems
ViewReinforcement learning (stochastic optimisation and game theory)machine learning
ViewBiophysics of cell adhesion: discovering how nanoscale features impact the cell responsebiomaterials; biomedical engineering; nanotechnology; tissue engineering
ViewStentrode Brain Machine Interfaces: decoding movement and movement intent using a stentrodeneural engineering; neuroengineering
ViewDecarbonising transport with ammonia fuelsair pollution and emissions abatement; chemical reaction kinetics; combustion and emissions; hydrogen; renewable energy
ViewSoft matter informatics: intelligent computational material simulation tool for polymer-colloid assembliesartificial intelligence; computational fluid dynamics; computational materials science; rheology; surfactant and polymer structure in solution
ViewClosed loop brain–machine interfacesneural engineering; neuroengineering
ViewImproving flotation recovery by application of oils to enhance collection of coarse particles with low surface liberationmineral processing

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