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ViewLow emission transport via advanced engines and fuelscombustion and emissions; energy efficiency
ViewDifferential Privacy in Statistical Machine Learningartificial intelligence; computer security; machine learning
ViewAdversarial Machine Learningartificial intelligence; autonomous systems; computer security; machine learning; optimisation
ViewAccurate and efficient data integrationdatabase systems; machine learning
ViewEvolutionary multi-objective optimisation in dynamic environmentsevolutionary algorithms; optimisation
ViewFocused Software Testing through Backwards Program Analysissoftware engineering
ViewMuscle and joint function during walking in transtibial prosthesis patients biomedical engineering; gait analysis; joint replacement; magnetic resonance imaging MRI; musculoskeletal modelling
ViewSynthetic biology to engineer cells for optimal energy supplybiocellular systems engineering; biomechanics; heart; systems biology
ViewComputational problems in glaucoma diagnosis, monitoring and understandingknowledge discovery; medical image analysis; neuroengineering; visual processing
ViewLearning from the good and the bad: Diagnosis and prediction of Business Process Deviancesbusiness process management; machine learning; process mining

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