Major Teaching Equipment and Software Request System

All Engineering staff members can login and use the system to submit a request. Accounts are created automatically using central usernames and passwords when a staff member logs in for the first time. Any admin rights are then granted by the system Administrator. All system users can see the existing equipment list and all submitted equipment requests. Users can edit their own requests.

System users are classified into 4 different groups:

  1. Requester: any system user can create and edit request.
  2. Tech staff: performs the 'Tech Review' task for all requests. Tech staff can send a request back to requester for more information. All submitted requests will initially have to go through the 'Tech Review' process.
  3. IT staff: performs the 'IT Review' task for all requests requiring IT support or proprietary software. IT staff can send a request back to requester for more information.
  4. Admin staff: have full access to the system. Admin staff can:
    • Update/Submit a request on behalf of a requester
    • performs the tasks of 'Tech Review' and 'IT Review'
    • perform all the admin tasks once the request is submitted, including 'Admin Review', 'Approve', 'Reject' 'Send Back', 'Send to Tech Review', 'Send to IT Review', 'Put on Hold', 'Re-Activate', 'Close', and 'Convert to Existing Equipment'.

Request status

Requests can have the following status:

  • NEW: user has created a request but not submitted it.
  • PENDING_USER: the request has been sent back to the requester for more information.
  • PENDING_TECH: waiting for Tech Review after a request is initially submitted.
  • PENDING_IT: waiting for IT Review if either 'Software' or 'IT support' are required.
  • PENDING_ADMIN: waiting for approval after the 'Tech Review', and 'IT Review' if required, are done.
  • APPROVED: after Admin Review and approval.
  • NOT_APPROVED: rejected by Admin staff.
  • ON_HOLD: put on hold by Admin staff.
  • CLOSED: close by Admin staff.
  • EQUIPMENT: request converted to 'Existing Equipment' once order has been delivered.