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Welcome message from the Dean

Dear colleagues,

It is a pleasure to welcome you here in Melbourne for the 9th AOTULE annual general meeting.

This year, in a minor departure of tradition, we would like to invite program and curriculum directors to attend to explore potential collaboration in resource developments. A forum of program directors will occur alongside the Deans’ meetings.

The annual AOTULE Deans meeting will run in parallel to the student conference. The main emphasis in this meeting is to explore our several, and collective response to the “avalanche of change”, perceived or real, in higher education. We will of course not lose track of our main agenda: improved international collaboration and student/staff mobility.

As to the change climate our respective universities find themselves in, there will be significant differences in how our respective governments approach their own higher education sector. Questions around how to fund universities, the role of a university in society (the mixture of teaching, research and societal engagement) receive answers coloured by the socio-political and economic circumstances. The technological changes impact how we approach our students (e-learning, MOOCS, flipped class rooms), and are very much under our direct control. To what extent are we leading these changes, participating or just observing?

The AOTULE promotes inter-university cooperation through joint programs including an annual Dean’s meeting, student workshop and exchanges of students and staff, in order to improve the quality of engineering education and research of the members. It aims to broaden participating students’ perspectives through education, research and cross-cultural interactions.

May I wish you a very productive stay in Melbourne. I for one, look forward to learning how we deal with change in our respective universities.

Iven Mareels

Iven Mareels, Dean of the Melbourne School of Engineering