MSE Research Project Database

Analysis of time-varying and uncertain interconnected dynamical systems

Project Leader: Michael Cantoni
Sponsors: Australian Research Council
Primary Contact: Michael Cantoni (
Keywords: control and signal processing
Disciplines: Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Domains: Networks and data in society

The project aims to develop mathematical tools for the analysis of time-varying and uncertain interconnected dynamical systems.

Topics of particular interest include:

  • Closed-loop stability verification for distributed-parameter systems under sampled-data / networked feedback control; 
  • Input-output (i.e. operator theoretic) approaches to robust stability analysis for feedback interconnections of time-varying linear systems in a discrete-time setting;
  • Computational tools for the analysis of time-periodic systems, especially for the evaluation of gap metrics, which quantify the difference between open-loop systems from the perspective of closed-loop performance and;        
  • Scalable stability verification for networks of dynamical systems using tools such as integral-quadratic constraints.