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Mapping the human schizophrenia connectome

Project Leader: Andrew Zalesky
Collaborators: Christos Pantelis (Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre), Alex Fornito (Monash Biomedical Imaging), Luca Cocchi (Queensland Brain Institute)
Primary Contact: Andrew Zalesky (
Keywords: Biological Psychiatry; Connectome; neuroimaging; Schizophrenia
Disciplines: Biomedical Engineering
Domains: Convergence of engineering and IT with the life sciences
Research Centre: Neuroengineering Research Laboratory

This project aims to comprehensively map the entire human connectome in schizophrenia. The student will complete one of the largest clinical connectome mapping studies undertaken in the world by analysing high-quality brain imaging data in more than 330 individuals with schizophrenia provided by the Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank (ASRB). The ASRB is the largest brain research project ever undertaken in Australia. This project will apply advanced fibre tracking algorithms to the diffusion-MRI brain imaging data acquired in each patient, with the goal of comprehensively mapping all disrupted connections comprising the entire schizophrenia connectome. VLSCI computational resources may be utilised for this purpose.

Keywords: Schizophrenia, biological psychiatry, connectome, tractography.

Suggested Reading:

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Disruptions to functional brain connectivity in schizophrenia.