Advanced adsorbents for gas separation

Project Leader: Paul Webley
Staff: Paul Webley, Jin Shang
Collaborators: Zhe Liu (Monash University)
Sponsors: ARC Discovery Project
Primary Contact: Paul Webley (
Keywords: carbon capture and storage; carbon dioxide separation
Disciplines: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Domains: Optimisation of resources and infrastructure

Advanced adsorbents are needed to separate molecules which have similar size.  Recently, a new class of adsorbents were discovered which are able to selectively adsorb CO2 while completely excluding other, similar sized molecules such as N2 and CH4.  These "trapdoor" adsorbents have great potential to improve the effiicency of small molecule separation.  In this project we will synthesize new molecular trapdoor materials and also perform molecular simulations to discover their underlying operating mechanisms.

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Molecular Trapdoor materials for Gas Separation