CO2 capture using adsorption processes - Experimental assessment

Project Leader: Paul Webley
Staff: Penny Xiao
Student: Augustine Ntiamoah, Jianhua Ling
Collaborators: Prof. Alan Chaffee (Monash University)
Sponsors: CO2CRC
Primary Contact: Paul Webley (
Keywords: carbon capture and storage
Disciplines: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Domains: Optimisation of resources and infrastructure
Research Centre: CRC for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC)

The capture of CO2 from process streams such as post combustion flue gases is expensive and energy intensive.  CO2 capture using special adsorbents has the promise of lowering the energy requirement and capture cost.  In this project we are developing processes and cycles for testing the efficiency of CO2 capture using commercial and new adsorbents.  Vacuum swing, pressure swing, and temperature swing cycles are being tested to understand the relationship between materials properties, process conditions, and system performance.  The data obtained in this project will help guide the engineering development of adsorption systems for industrial scale CO2 capture. 

Typical Cyclic Process for CO2 Capture on Adsorbents