MSE Research Project Database

Large scale multiple antennas for energy-efficient heterogeneous wireless networks

Project Leader: Phee Lep Yeoh
Staff: Brian Krongold
Collaborators: Jamie Evans (Monash University)
Sponsors: Australian Research Council (ARC)
Primary Contact: Phee Lep Yeoh (
Keywords: broadband access networks; complex and intelligent systems; green internet; signals and systems; wireless communication systems
Disciplines: Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Domains: Networks and data in society

This project investigates new network architectures for future wireless broadband inspired by recent advances in large scale multiple antenna technology and heterogeneous networks. The aim is to support flexible and scalable wireless services across diverse network regions with energy-efficient management of radio spectrum and interference. Targeted applications include smart energy metering, intelligent transport systems, mobile health monitoring and green data centres. Outcomes of the research will be new wireless protocols and algorithms drawing upon the foundations of random matrix theory, game theory, and large system analysis, which will offer fundamental insights into large scale multiple antennas for heterogeneous wireless networks.

Cooperative multiple antenna base stations
Cognitive multiple antenna relaying