Social network sites for ambivalent socialisers: the case of smoking cessation

Project Leader: Wally Smith
Staff: Jon Pearce, Bernd Ploderer
Collaborators: Ron Borland (Quit Victoria)
Sponsors: ARC, Quit Victoria
Primary Contact: Wally Smith (
Keywords: health and bioinformatics; interaction design; Internet technologies; social media
Disciplines: Computing and Information Systems
Domains: Networks and data in society

Social network sites and Web 2.0 technologies generally are among the most significant developments in information technology in the past decade. The aim of this project is to extend their reach to ambivalent socialisers: groups of people that do not form spontaneously on social network sites but which might nevertheless benefit from online participation.

We collaborate with Quit Victoria to develop an empirically derived understanding of ambivalent socialisers in the context of smoking cessation, and we will deploy social networking technologies to illustrate the benefits of online participation such as social support.

Further information:

Designing a mobile social networking app for people trying to quit smoking