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ViewPerceptual continuitybionic eye; electrophysiology; neuroengineering; visual processing
ViewDiagnosis of foetal heart defects using ECG and Doppler ultrasound biosignals; carbon dioxide separation; electrocardiogram ECG; heart
ViewNew algorithms for screening cardiac autonomic neuropathy (CAN) in diabetic patientsbiomedical engineering; disease; electrocardiogram ECG; heart
ViewPrecision Timekeeping Infrastructure: bridging the hardware/software divideClock Synchronisation; communications and networks; Internet technologies; Network Measurements
ViewLow emission transport via advanced engines and fuelscombustion and emissions; energy efficiency
ViewDifferential Privacy in Statistical Machine Learningartificial intelligence; computer security; machine learning
ViewAdversarial Machine Learningartificial intelligence; autonomous systems; computer security; machine learning; optimisation
ViewAccurate and efficient data integrationdatabase systems; machine learning
ViewElectrocardiographic markers associated with fatal heart diseases and cardiac safetybiosignals; cardiovascular disease; electrocardiogram ECG; heart
ViewEvolutionary multi-objective optimisation in dynamic environmentsevolutionary algorithms; optimisation

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